Q) What size does The V-Vessel System come in?
A) The V-Vessel System comes in one size. It’s full capacity is 5 imperial gallons or 23 liters. The unit is marked at the Imperial and US 5 gallon levels.

Q) How is The V-Vessel System sold?
A) The V-Vessel System comes in a kit consisting of the unit itself with the collection capsule, bracket and mounting accessories, rubber bung and airlock, an extra female coupler with a tubing adapter.

Q) How much does The V-Vessel cost?
A) Please check the V-Vessel product page to obtain pricing information.

Q) Where can I buy one?
A) Buy your new V-Vessel System directly from this web site. Visit the V-Vessel System product page to add the system to your shopping cart. You can also email or call Piazza & Associates Ltd.