The fastest and easiest way to make a batch of wine or beer!

The V-Vessel System was originally designed to save time, space and money for the On-Premise industry. Now, you too can take advantage of all the benefits The V-Vessel System brings to making wine and beer – right in your own home.

The V-Vessel System comes complete with everything you need to get started. It’s the only conical fermenter with a collection capsule at the base. This unique feature is what makes The V-Vessel System over and above all other fermenters – BETTER!

With the collection capsule you will be able to take sediment or trub from the bottom – NO MORE RACKING!!! It reduces the liquid-to-sediment contact area by 99.6% compared to using a pail, and you can remove the collection capsules on 13 units with the same time it would take you to siphon one batch from a pail to a carboy.

Harvesting yeast? All you have to do is buy a second collection capsule with a custom bung. When you have the best strains, switch the collection capsules and there you have it – you’re ready for your next batch. Once your product has settled out you can move on to the final steps with the hose adapter.

If you’re making wine, you can either bottle or filter directly from the unit. If you’re making beer, you can prime the beer through the opening on the top, open the valve and bottle. Or just open the valve and run the line into your keg.

Find out for yourself what many On-Premise opperations and a few thousand home wine makers and brewers already know about The V-Vessel System – IT’S THE FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO MAKE A BATCH OF WINE OR BEER!

John Piazza